RED HOT VFX provides the following services for Film, TVC and Cinematics:



Have an idea, brief or sketch? Let the Red Hot VFX Concept Artists develop your visions and words to create characters, environments and memorable shots on the screen.


Previsualization can help you from the very first stage through Pre-production, Production and Post-Production.

Let Red Hot VFX help you in optimizing costs, manpower and resources.

On Set Supervision

Our VFX Supervisors can be involved, from pre-production, on-set, production, through the final post-production making sure the highest standards are met.



Layout & Matchmoving: 2D and 3D Tracking

Red Hot VFX can create cameras and objects movement with the correct scale, orientation from scratch as well matching live action film footage.

Post Viz

Red Hot VFX is able to take existing live action shots and re-create them.

Creatures & Characters

Red Hot VFX can model, texture and rig what ever challenge that you may have.

Hardsurface/Organic Modelling

From Creatures to Airplanes we are the right option for your project.

3D Animation:

If it is supposed to move, Red Hot VFX Animators will breathe life into it.


From Full CG environments till set extensions on live action plates.

Effects & Simulation

From clouds, footprints, rain and oceans to massive explosions, destruction, tornadoes and tidal waves. Red Hot VFX uses particle and volumetric simulations, rigid body dynamics and geometry deformations to simulate structures in motion affected by real and surreal physics.

Character Simulation

Whether it’s the folds of a character’s dress, a superhero’s cape, the flow and movement of a character’s hair or fur in the wind ,Red Hot VFX can add weight, secondary motion and personality to your characters with Cloth, Fur, Hair and Skin simulation.

Crowd Simulation

Epic battles or a stadium full of spectators without real actors?

Red Hot VFX can add interactive characters in your scene with crowd simulation.

Lighting/ Look Development

The correct emotion and atmosphere will drive your story.

Let Red Hot VFX assist you in delivering these expectations by developing the right color, scale, appearance and mood for each asset trough our modeling, texturing, shading and render pipeline.



Digital Environments and elements are created trough our talented matte painters combining live action plates or extending full cg environments.

Rotoscoping, Keying, Rig and Wire Removal

Send your live-action plates to Red Hot VFX to create mattes and clean plates preparing them to be ready for compositing.


Whether the elements are CG, live action footage, miniatures or photography elements our team will creatively assemble them as one.

Red Hot VFX Compositors have the talent and experience for complex multi-layered composites.


Color Grading

Let Red Hot VFX enhance and create realism to your projects trough our colour artists.

Online Editing

For art or business. You’ve got raw footage and need to tell a story. The experienced Red Hot VFX Editors will transform your raw footage into a flowing and memorable film or commercial.